PLEASE NOTE: Due to a high increase in referrals, we had to unfortunately close our books until further notice. We are not looking to hire other clinicians at this stage.

Sunny Psychology Maroochydore

In honour of
Charlie the Therapy Dog

It is with sadness and with so much love that we let you know that Charlie is now running freely on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Woof woof!

My name is Charlie,

I am the therapy dog who comes to Sunny Psychology every day! I am the sweetest, fluffiest and cutest puppy and I love humans!

In case you were wondering how I got so fluffy and cute, I am a full-bred Australian Shepherd. Some of us have tails and some of us don’t. But don’t worry, my bunny bum will wiggle just as excitedly when I’m happy 🙂 .

In Winter I grow a very thick and warm winter coat. People often think I am a bit overweight during those months, even though I run everyday! When Summer comes, the coat comes off and I feel so free and happy, it is awesome. I often wonder if it is a bit like when clients shed some of their emotional weight in the psychology sessions, it is just so much lighter!

No matter how poorly your day is going,
there is always a happy face waiting for you at Sunny Psychology!

– Charlie

Sunny Psychology

Charlie the therapy dog

I was born in Tasmania, but I lived in Central Australia for eight years of my life. Then my human parents decided to give me a birthday surprise and they brought me the ocean. Now I have moved on from being a desert doggy to a real beach boy!

As an Australian Shepherd I am a pleaser and I am incredible sensitive to people’s moods. I even have a tendency to get anxious myself, so I can relate to some of our clients. I like it best when everyone around me is in harmony with themselves and if I can help with that by laying at your feet, I feel content.

That is why I love coming to work and giving lots of cuddles. But, if you are unsure at first, that is not a problem at all. I listen really well and I will just lay next to my mum while you guys are talking about the bigger stuff.

I look forward to meeting you!

* All photos of clients in session have been published with their permission.