PLEASE NOTE: Due to a high increase in referrals, we had to unfortunately close our books until further notice. We are not looking to hire other clinicians at this stage.

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What to Expect


Intake and Assessment

The first session is called an intake and can take up to two or three sessions. Often after a first session questionnaires are send via email. Depending on the child’s age, I may ask for the parents to come in by themselves first so that we can speak freely. A partner, friend or support worker is welcome to join at your intake. Please also feel free to bring in any comforting objects, such as a (weighted) blanket, a teddy or fidget tool. 

After the intake, I will suggest a direction for treatment. An assessment can be part of treatment or the sole reason for sessions. Sometimes treatments are short, between six to ten sessions. Sometimes they are longer and can take up to a year, with the increments between sessions getting bigger and bigger.

Sunny Psychology


The treatments used are evidence based and tailored to you or your child and the needs of your family.

When working with children it is important for me to work closely with the parents, because I may know a lot about behaviour, but as a caregiver you are the expert of your child. The younger the child, the more likely I am to work with the caregiver(s), as you are the one implementing the suggestions at home. Be sure to check out the section ‘Parenting’ for more information.

With teens, I often welcome parents for the first session(s). Depending on the presenting problem(s), and with the young person’s permission, I welcome caretakers to join in for other sessions as well, or sometimes at the end of a session.

With your permission, I may ask to liaise with your (or your child’s) other or previous health care providers, to provide the best mental health outcome for you or your child.

A small disclaimer:

Therapy can be challenging and it is not a quick fix.

There are two things I would like you to consider before starting your sessions:

  1. Therapy is a journey.
    It is unlikely that you got where you are overnight, so therapy will not fix it overnight (it’s not paracetamol or a band-aid 😉 ). I take pride in my friendly and welcoming approach, but please know that in order to help you, I will be real and truthful with you. It is important to understand that I may not tell you what you want to hear and I may gently push you towards the edge of your comfort zone.

  2. Therapy is about teamwork.
    No matter how many years I spend on studying human behaviour, you will always have more insight into what makes you (or your child) tick. If you are ready to ‘do the work’, I will find the direction with you; it is up to you to walk the path. I will hold space for your thoughts, your feelings, your doubts and your losses. I will challenge you to challenge yourself and I will help to guide you (back to) yourself. I will also cheer you on and celebrate your wins, as small as they may seem sometimes.

If you feel ready, slightly nervous and maybe even excited to get started…